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Montgomery County Community Band

The Montgomery County Community Band (MCCB) is the full band program under the Quarter Note Club Inc. nonprofit. This concept for a community band was developed by Dr. Virgil Goodwine, after experiencing success in several band programs attached to public schools. Band programs attached to public schools come with pros and cons. The pros include access to students who attend the school, access to equipment, and access to additional supportive resources. The major con is the number of students that miss a quality program because they do not attend a school with an established band program. To remove the barrier of school locations, Dr. Goodwine has spent the past several months working to establish a band program that combines the traditional training of band class with Historical Black College and University showmanship performances. In addition to increasing Montgomery County youth’s exposure to various levels of band, Dr. Goodwine will also increase high school seniors’ competitiveness for band scholarships. In the past eight years, Dr. Goodwine has helped his students obtain 16.6 million dollars in scholarships to over twenty colleges. The community band will bring a new life to the surrounding community as well as aid inner-city students in achieving scholastic goals.

The MCCB is in the start-up phase of building. We are collecting donations to acquire the necessary equipment for the band. We excepting to launch this program in June 2022!

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